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Nona’s Stories: The Rock Springs Tornado

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RockSpringsTornadoPictureSummer passed, and in early Winter Ray was transferred to a new plant the Power Company built at Miranda City, about 60 miles from Laredo, as Power Dispatcher.

Hanel Peterson remained at Laredo, and another man was hired as maintenance man at the new Plant.

The Company built two four-room houses near the Plant for us.

One evening in April we sat on our front porch steps and watched an awe-inspiring eerie storm cloud, which we knew was in the direction of Uvalde. It was a huge cloud, the lightning was continuous, making the cloud look as if it was aglow from within.

We were joined by neighbors, and watched with concern, fearing the storm was at Uvalde.

There were no radios then and none of us had telephones. So we didn’t know until next morning that it was a tornado that struck Rock Springs, above Uvalde in the hills.

Among the list of the dead were many people we knew, and one close friend Charles McMains, his family had lived near the Milam ranch, and he had gone to school with Ray.

A two-by-four was driven completely through his body as he was trying to rescue the children of the people he was working for. All in that family were killed.

We couldn’t see the tornado funnel from where we were, as it was more than two hundred miles from us, but I’ll never forget the sight of that cloud. It was about the worst I’ve even seen, dar, rolling, boiling clouds. Having gone through tornados when a child, I knew something of what one is like.

Once, when we were living at Victoria, we stood on our front porch and watched nine tornados at one time.

However, they were on the coastal plains between Victoria and the Bay where there were no houses.




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