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Nona’s Stories: Haley’s Comet

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In 1910, when I was five years old, Dad awakened me in the middle of a cold night, wrapped me in a quilt and carried me outside to show me Haley’s Comet. It was almost directly overhead, just slightly to the South. Very bright, with the tail pointing Eastward. He told me to take a good look at it for I’d never see it again. It is still imprinted on my memory, like a photograph.

It was really beautiful. The night was clear and cold. Mother, Ralph and Harry also came out into the yard to see it.

That was the only time I saw it, for a snowstorm had moved in by the next night, and Dad didn’t waken us again. But I’m glad I got to see it that once.

Dad explained what a comet was. I guess that was the beginning of my interest in all the strange things way out there in the wild blue yonder.


One thought on “Nona’s Stories: Haley’s Comet

  1. She did see it again, when it came around again in 1986, a few months before she died.

    She said it was better the first time.

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