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Nona’s Stories: Aunt Laura’s Doll


When we lived in North Texas Aunt Laura was Post Mistress of the Post Office and sometimes I visited her there while waiting for Dad to finish his errands in town.

On one of those visits she showed me the most beautiful doll I ever saw. She had won it in some sort of contest.

It was a German bisque doll about 28 inches tall, with long brown curls of real hair, dressed in a pale yellow, lace trimmed long dress and white kid shoes.

She remarked that she had never cared for dolls and was going to give it away. I hoped—but didn’t dare say—that she would give it to me. How I longed for that doll! I even dreamed about it at night. But the next time I was at the Post Office she told me she had given it to the daughter of a friend of hers. It just about broke my heart, but I never told anyone how much I wanted that doll. But I did make a promise to myself that if I ever had a little girl (or a granddaughter, I would see to it that she had pretty dolls, and I’m glad I can say I’ve kept that promise.

I had only two dolls when I was a child, the rag doll named Mary Jane that was burned because it had been in contact with the rabid dog, and a black haired china headed doll—and it burned when our house burned down.

Now I have several dolls! All of which will someday go to my beloved granddaughters. But to this day I still find myself looking for a doll like the one Aunt Laura gave away. It meant so little to her and so much to me


2 thoughts on “Nona’s Stories: Aunt Laura’s Doll

  1. I did not know this story but certainly feel a connection because I, too, wanted a doll like that when I was a small girl. After I was grown and married with children, Aunt Dutch and Aunt Bobbie (Nona) mad a doll for me which I cherish. Aunt Dutch sent me a letter saying she was sending me a doll for my birthday.. Now, with 5 granddaughters and 5 great granddaughters, I really do not know which of them to leave it to.

    • I have two dolls that were made by Nona and Dutch. They are dressed in clothes made from old items like a slip made from a pillowcase that had a fancy crocheted lace edge. I don’t have any daughters but we will see if I get granddaughters – otherwise I have a wonderful niece to eventually leave it to. I also have some of the tatted and crocheted doilies from Nona as well.

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