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Nona’s Stories: Leaving the Ranch

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Finally the day came for us to leave the ranch and go to Laredo.

Some friends of ours, Hanel and Lillie Peterson, were to come by the ranch for us. Hanel was to be the Engineer at the new Power Plant, and Ray was to be the Power Dispatcher.

So I fed all my pets for the last time, and scratched Alonzo’s head for him. But Who-Who wouldn’t come down from his tree because of the strangers. There was a faint answering when I called him, and he watched all the activity, but stayed in the tree.

It was hard to leave them for I knew I’d never see any of them again.

With our luggage and the Peterson’s too, there was no room for my guitar and mandolin, so I gave them to some friends from an adjoining ranch that had come over to tell us goodbye.

We arrived at Laredo the next morning.

We came to the ranch in the middle of the Winter and left in the middle of the summer, so were not there for the round-up and branding of the cattle, which is done in the Fall.


One thought on “Nona’s Stories: Leaving the Ranch

  1. Kind of sad to be leaving a place you love so much but wonderful memories. Edith

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